Honda Car Price in Philippines

Do you also want to know the Honda Car price in Philippines ? So you have come to the right place. In this post we told you about Honda Car price in Philippines. In this post we will tell you which Honda Cars are the most popular in Philippines right now. and We will tell you about the price, specification and features of the car.

Honda Brio S MT is the cheapest model among Honda cars in Philippines with prices starting at 365,784. Honda's most expensive car is Honda Accord 1.5 Turbo EL, which costs ₱ 3,044,419. Honda's most popular cars include Honda Brio RS Black Top CVT (₱ 735,000), Honda Accord 2.0L i-VTEC (₱ 2,971,023), Honda CR-V V-Diesel 9AT (₱ 2,258,005), Honda cars Upcoming to Philippines include.

Honda Cars Price List In Philippines

Honda cars Model cars Price
Honda Brio-S-MT ₱ 365,784
Honda Civic-S-Turbo-CVT-Sensing ₱ 886,959
Honda CR-V-SX-Diesel-9AT-AWD ₱ 2,257,965
Honda City-1-5-V-CVT ₱ 870,664
Honda BR-V-1-5-V-CVT ₱ 888,553
Honda Brio-RS-CVT ₱ 468,347
Honda Jazz-1-5-VX-Navi-CVT ₱ 687,662
Honda City-1-5-RS-CVT ₱ 874,028
Honda BR-V-1-5-S-CVT ₱ 888,460
Honda Civic-Type-R-2-0-VTEC-Turbo ₱ 2,302,786
Honda City-Hatchback-RS-CVT ₱ 1,043,513
Honda HR-V-RS-Navi-CVT ₱ 825,101
Honda Brio-V-CVT ₱ 474,433
Honda Brio-RS-Black-Top-CVT ₱ 735,000
Honda Accord-2-0L-i-VTEC ₱ 2,971,023
Honda CR-V-V-Diesel-9AT ₱ 2,258,005
Honda CR-V-2-0-S-CVT ₱ 1,948,595
Honda Jazz-1-5-V-CVT ₱ 605,795
Honda Civic-V-Turbo-CVT-Sensing ₱ 1,030,088
Honda CR-V-S-Diesel-9AT ₱ 2,258,005
Honda HR-V-1-8-E-CVT ₱ 1,296,000
Honda Jazz-1-5-RS-Navi-CVT ₱ 537,048
Honda Civic-RS-Turbo-CVT-Sensing ₱ 1,162,084
Honda Accord-1-5-Turbo-EL ₱ 3,044,419

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Honda cars FAQs

Which is the highest priced car in Honda?

The highest priced car model of Honda is Honda Accord 1.5 Turbo EL with price 3,044,419.

Which is the most mileage efficient car in Honda?

Honda Brio S MT is the most mileage efficient model in Honda with a mileage of Good.

Which is the cheapest Honda cars in Philippines?

The cheapest Honda cars in Philippines is Honda Brio S MT, which is priced at ₱ 365,784.

Which are the most popular Honda cars available in Philippines?

Top Honda cars available in Philippines are Honda Brio RS Black Top CVT (₱ 735,000), Honda Accord 2.0L i-VTEC (₱ 2,971,023), Honda CR-V V-Diesel 9AT (₱ 2,258,005),